Capital Projects and


We work with project owners and investors to match local,commercially viable infrastructure ventures with sources of capital.

As the Republic of South Africa, along with local governments, seeks funding instruments beyond the traditional methods of raising taxes or increasing the national debt to fund infrastructure, moves to explore other funding options – such as infrastructure investments – opens new doors for investors looking for alternative investment opportunities.

We have a team of local experts, with an ever-growing network of government and active investors that allows us to drive the government-investor partnerships leading to a win-win outcome. Our team leverages a unique quality which means we can identify commercially viable infrastructure projects that will generate steady streams of returns for investors.

What we do

We secure the right partnership by building synergistic alliances, through which governments achieve their primary goal of funding infrastructure while simultaneously driving an increase in economic growth. Moreover, investors have access to investment vehicles that were once exclusive to institutions such as the World Bank or the Reserve Bank.

Specifically, we partner with clients to:
  • Source Energy and water infrastructure projects.
  • Source investors.
  • Optimise and accelerate projects.
  • Build delivery consortiums.
  • Provide strategic end-to-end support.

Information Tecnology and


We help organisations achieve more with less. This is done by harnessing the power of digital technology that opens up pathways to new and more effective methods of achieving organisational objectives at scale.

Despite the robust environment across industries and the new conditions needed to forge ahead, the complex competitive landscape that fielding an increasing number of global players in local markets makes for an uphill battle.

Our team of local experts works with industry-leading partners who have global reach and the capacity to source the most advanced solutions. Our experts and strategic partners work together seamlessly to ensure your capabilities, products, and services expand, while tackling any current challenges.

What we do

Our digital solutions are changing the digital landscape by achieving things once considered impossible. Using cloud-based application development, cybersecurity, the internet of things, big data, information technology and advanced analytics, we enhance your organisation’s ability to reach its goals and help keep pace with the trends that are pivotal for your organisational future. We will help your organisation gain the capabilities to solve various challenges, and capture new opportunities.

Specifically, we partner with clients to:
  • IT & Digital development strategy.
  • Digital Experience.
  • Modern Software Development.
  • Cloud and Data Platforms.
  • Digital Solutions Network.

Digital and

integrated marketing

We help our clients stand out in the crowded marketplace, and assist them on the journey to reach their customers before the competition gets there.

In response of changing consumer behaviours, big data analytics, artificial intelligence, and innovative marketing channels, marketing managers face the challenge of exploring marketing channels that reach their customers today.

Our marketing team has local knowledge and experience that has proved beneficial to our clients. We work with start-up’s and medium business, all the way to global digital and marketing agencies who require our expertise to reach new heights. As the digital age continues to disrupt the marketing landscape, our experts will help steer your company to achieving your marketing objectives.

What we do

Our marketing solutions include integrated marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay per click campaigns (PPC). We help you amplify awareness of your company using an integrated media strategy that allows you to connect with your customers at every touchpoint. As more customers search for a solution before they purchase, we help your brand message show up exactly where and when they are in need of your product or services. To harness the power of search, we leverage the power of intent by deploying PPC (such as Google ads).

Specifically, we partner with clients to:
  • Strategy.
  • Website development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Paid Search.
  • Media Strategy & Planning.
  • Brand Awareness.

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